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4 Key Steps For Keeping Your Wardrobe Decluttered

4 Key Steps For Keeping Your Wardrobe Decluttered

There are many important reasons to keep your wardrobe free of clutter. You want to ensure that every item has a purpose and that you’ll always be able to find what you’re looking for. You also don’t want to risk an overcrowded and unorganised wardrobe, which can often mean realising you don’t have the key item you thought you did – right when you need to wear it.

Keeping your wardrobe decluttered is an ongoing venture, but once you get into a good routine, you can always keep on top of it. With this in mind, here’s how to keep your wardrobe tidy, organised, and free from the overbearing clutches of clutter.

  1. Invest In One Key Item From Each Category

It’s easy to buy a million versions of articles you need, such as shirts or suit jackets, just in case – but this is how clutter builds up. This can be a waste of money and space if you always wear the same shirt or jacket when it’s your favourite or comes in a versatile style, like black. Instead, it’s a much better idea to spend more on one higher quality item in each category: one dress shirt, one dinner jacket, one good pair of jeans, and a formal pair of shoes.

Once you have the foundation down, you can always add to your collection later if you see something you truly love – such as the same shoes in a different colour – while making sure you have just the one version you know you’re always going to wear that can suit many different situations. This minimalistic, useful approach to your wardrobe keeps it decluttered and organised, so start plucking your ideal pieces from our selection of mens clothing in Oxford.

  1. Arrange Organised Sections

Make sure your wardrobe layout avoids clutter by making use of shelves, sections and drawers. You could have a drawer with compartments for ties, watches and other accessories and designated shelves for folded t-shirts and casual pants with formalwear hung up. Whichever system works for you, make sure to implement it so you can always easily reach for what you need.

  1. Pack Away Unneeded Seasons

If you’re in the peak of summer, you don’t need that overflowing pile of jumpers or those heavy boots and thick socks. Be sure to keep your wardrobe refreshed by packing away winter clothes in summer and vice versa.

Use clean and air-tight boxes or packaging to keep your unworn clothes protected while they’re stored away. Plus, it’s also a good idea to keep one or two backup items available nonetheless, such as one good sweater, just in case the weather turns cooler – even in summer.

  1. Separate Workwear From Casualwear

Workwear is a category that’s always needed, and it’s difficult to declutter thoroughly when you’re worried about getting rid of any professional items you might need. Therefore, it’s a good idea to organise your wardrobe into sections so that you have key workwear items you’ll always need that are separated from the rest.

Then, you can sort through any other pieces knowing that you can happily donate any you don’t want while maintaining your essential
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