• 24 Hours in Marseille with Joseph Bauermeister

    “But isn’t it just soap?” I asked, more than a little skeptical. “Oh no, nothing in this shop is just anything, Joseph. Remember that!” Junaid called back to me as he sped away to help somebody at the tills. 

    Ironically enough, the first thing I cleaned using my new green cuboid friend was not myself, but my jeans. True denim devotees will know that raw denim is best washed by hand, in lukewarm water, and in a bathtub using the most chemical free soap you can find. Good specialised denim wash can cost you a pretty penny. But I had heard that many had found success in using the Savon De Marseille to clean their most fancy of pants. So I went ahead and grated some of my soap into shavings using a cheese grater and added it to my bathroom’s lukewarm jean jacuzzi. It worked amazingly well, not only did my jeans come out a lot softer than when I had been using standard washing powder, but they seemed to have lost less dye as well.

    Ever since using the soap to wash my jeans it has become my go-to recommendation for other raw denim fans. I was more than satisfied with how the Savon De Marseille had treated my trousers so I didn’t really need much encouragement to try it out in the shower. Now my number one concern with any soap is that it is going to leave my skin absolutely parched. I am no green-horn when it comes to soaps, I have tried more bars than a 17 year old desperately trying to find somewhere that will accept their fake ID. Some of which cost up to £20 and were scented with spices and berries I had to google the names of. I used Savon De Marseille to clean my body, face, and hair and I was completely blown away. My skin felt (I don’t really have a better word for it) reinforced? Maybe nourished. If you’ve ever tried a soap that’s left your hands feeling like they could crack apart at any moment, the opposite of that feeling. It lathered up amazingly well, left my skin feeling great, and my hair feeling wonderfully soft (my family were running their hands through my hair all day).  

    The final test for my new friend the ‘Wonder-Cube’ was going to be shaving. This is probably the most different use I found for it and definitely wouldn’t be something I would expect your typical bar of soap to do well. For this I will be using my standard grading system that I’ve been using to rate shaving soaps and I’ll lay out the results for you below. 

    Lather: 7/10 
    I just used the soap in my hand instead of in a bowl and it lathered up pretty well, nice thick foam that was very easy to apply.

    Glide: 6/10
    I was impressed how smooth the glide was for a bar of soap, however it doesn’t hold up to specialised shaving soaps in this category.

    Scent: 7/10 
    Just a really pleasant woody olive scent that didn’t linger for too long afterwards so it wouldn’t interfere with any aftershave you may want to apply afterwards.

    After shaving: 8/10

    My skin felt great afterwards, I didn’t feel dried out or sensitive at all. Just a really moisturizing soap, I doubt I’d need a balm if I kept using this. 

    Style points: 3/5
    It’s not going to wow anybody with its design since all you get is the green cube, but the quirky nature of the green cube soap is pretty fun and ideal for gifting. 

    Overall I was very impressed with what this soap can do, the only possible downside is that my bar is nearly completely gone because I started using it for more or less everything I could. I could definitely see myself keeping a couple of little green cubes around the house and recommend it to anybody who needs a really natural, nourishing, multipurpose soap.

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  • Visiting the D.R. Harris store in London

    D. R. Harris was founded in 1790 and has been operating in the St. James's area of London ever since. They are specialists in traditional gentleman's grooming products, particularly our shaving soaps, creams, aftershaves, colognes and skincare products. Also stocking a wide range of unisex haircare products, skincare lines and soaps. Alongside this impressive range they are also the oldest pharmacy in London for which hold the Royal Warrants to Her Majesty the Queen and HRH The Prince of Wales.
    The video below from Hunting Ensemble shows a in-depth view of D.R Harris's flagship store and a interesting interview about the D.R Harris legacy. 
    Shop D.R Harris - here
  • Voices Of The Cloth

    The art of weaving fabrics in England is one that was almost forgotten with the rise in off shore manufacturing in the 1970's , However a few mills and factories survived and to this day produce some of the finest fabrics that you can buy across the world the video below shows a extract in the day of the mill and the labour that goes into some of the most understated objects in our now screen based world.


  • Representing Great Britain

    John Smedley are creators of the World’s Finest Knitwear. Established in 1784, They are the oldest manufacturing factory in the world, crafting beautiful, high quality garments that are designed to last, made in Britain and distributed the world over.
    This video from Crowns & Owls show's the process of a John Smedley garment and the noises, process and still's involved to create some of our best loved wardrobe pieces. 
    Shop our selection of John Smedley pieces here.

    John Smedley - Representing Great Britain from Crowns & Owls on Vimeo.


  • A closer look at Sunspel

    One of our permanent favourites at Burrows & Hare is Sunspel founded in 1860 the brand quickly became a worldwide favourite with its made in England tag line and the prestige of developing the boxer short no wonder it is still with us today.
    The video below from Paul and Williams on Vimeo shows behind the scenes at this historic factory.
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