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6 Tips for Making Your Clothes Last

6 Tips for Making Your Clothes Last

Most people know at this point that fast fashion is out of style. Not only does buying cheap, low-quality clothes mean that you have to replace them sooner, but it also has a seriously negative effect on the environment.

Purchasing clothes made to last makes more sense in the long run – especially if you take care of them on top of that. Your favourite jacket or sweater can look as beautiful ten years from now as long as you make the right choices! So, use these six tips for making your clothes last, and you will be able to wear your favourite pieces time and time again.

1: Purchase Quality Clothes

The first step is to purchase high-quality clothes, as they will always last longer. Our men’s clothes in Oxford and Marlow fit the bill here. Each piece has benefited from attention to detail, meaning that the materials, fit, design, and style all showcase its undeniable quality. When you purchase high-quality clothes like these, you will look amazing while investing in a wardrobe that is meant to last. Whether buying a well-fitted blazer or comfortable, durable shoes, quality wins every time.

2: Air Dry Clothes (When You Can)

The dryer is one of the most convenient household appliances, but did you know it’s not always clothes-friendly? While you can’t avoid it all the time, drying your clothes naturally in the sunlight is much kinder on the material. That’s because a dryer can cause clothes to lose elasticity, which causes that dreaded over-stretching.

3: Use a Natural Detergent

When washing your clothes, use a natural, eco-friendly detergent. One like this is gentler on the fabric, as it avoids stripping and tearing the material.

4: Give Your Clothes Breathing Space

Your clothes need space to breathe to last as long as possible. This applies when they are in the wardrobe and washing machine. When storing clothes in a closet, it’s best to give each piece enough space to avoid wrinkling and fading. When filling a washing machine with clothes, never overfill, as too many clothes in the washing machine risks the pieces rubbing together and causing damage.

5: Wash Clothes Inside Out

It might seem tedious, but turning your clothes inside out before washing them is a great habit to get into! Turning them inside out causes less fading over time, so your attire will look fresher and newer for longer.

6: Repair Damaged Clothes

People often throw out their old clothes for a simple tear when they don’t have to – don’t be like that! Learning how to sew and mend clothes is an excellent life skill that will ensure your clothes last much longer. It’s far more sustainable to fix damaged clothes than throw them out and replace them with new pieces.

At Burrows and Hare, we believe in a sustainable wardrobe, which is why we stock only the best quality clothes made from long-lasting materials. When you choose high-quality clothes like these while also putting effort into ensuring they last, you can enjoy your wardrobe for many years to come.

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