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For Men: How to Discover Your Personal Style

For Men: How to Discover Your Personal Style

Are you happy with the clothes looking back at you when you look at your wardrobe? You might have a good range of t-shirts, jeans, and even a suit or two, but if it doesn’t reflect your taste, you might still not be happy about getting dressed in the morning. Instead, you may have got into a routine of putting on whatever is comfortable or looks half-decent.

Why is Having a Personal Style Important?

Knowing your style makes a huge difference to your appearance and confidence. Not only will you look better if you find a style that suits you, but your whole persona will shift, creating a more self-assured individual.

Finding your style can be tricky. Where do you start? How do you know what clothes you suit? To help you find your style, use the guide below.

Try On Outfits You Wouldn’t Usually Wear

You must get out of your comfort zone to find your unique style. That means trying on clothes you wouldn’t usually opt for. Perhaps that means trying on a waistcoat or maybe a pair of jeans in a colour that’s slightly different to what you’re used to. It’s all a part of the process! Some items won’t appeal to you on the shelf, but as soon as you put them on, they will work perfectly.

Take Inspiration from Others

Looking at role models is a quick and easy way to determine your style. For example, there might be a celebrity you look up to and whose style you love. There might also be a man in your life who has a sense of style that you’d love to emulate – take inspiration from them!

Create an Image Board of Your Favourite Outfits

Mood boards work well for many aspects of life, including finding your sense of style. Add it to your mood board whenever you come across an outfit, piece of clothing, or even pattern/colour that you love. Eventually, you’ll have a mood board that reflects your style, making shopping for clothes much easier!

Remember, you can create mood boards online, so you don’t have to print out every image you like. Instead, consider using a mood board app so that adding, editing, and removing images is easy.

Look at Your Current Wardrobe

You can learn a lot from your current wardrobe. For example, it will tell you what you are comfortable wearing. It might also tell you some of the colours, patterns, and fits you like in an outfit! It might not depict your ideal style, but some will likely be close to it. 

If you’re looking for smart, high-quality pieces, check out our mens clothing in Oxford and Marlow. You can find everything you need for a new wardrobe, including outerwear, shoes, shirts, knitwear, and much more. The clothes are great if you envision a smart, sharp style showing your confident personality. Remember – sometimes, trying on a couple of pieces you wouldn’t usually choose is key to finding your style. You might surprise yourself!

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