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Discover Your Own Style with These 5 Tips

Discover Your Own Style with These 5 Tips

Sometimes it can seem as if the clothes on offer in shops are all the same. It can be difficult to express your own style when there are so few variations in what's on offer. Perhaps you have never really considered what your personal style might be, or maybe you are looking to change it up to something new. Finding your own style is a challenge but can be incredibly rewarding, providing a greater sense of self and independence rather than following the crowd. Here are five tips to help you discover your own style.

  1. Establish What You Will and Won't Wear 

First of all, it can be useful to draw some lines in the sand about what you are and aren't willing to wear. For example, you might despise a certain brand or style of collar, so don't feel obligated to include anything you dislike in your wardrobe, even if it's currently in fashion. There may be pieces that you aren't immediately drawn to but don't necessarily rule these out until you have decided whether or not they are something you would consider wearing.

  1. Consider Your Priorities

Different people have different priorities when it comes to their clothes. Some people care more about feeling good than looking good, whereas others are willing to put up with a certain level of discomfort in order to look how they want to. Take your personal priorities into account when discovering your own style. For example, if you want to appear effortless yet sophisticated, then look for mens clothing in Oxford to help create this style. It's all about choosing a few priorities that every piece or outfit within your wardrobe must align with, such as comfort, practicality or flair.

  1. Find Ways to Add Touches of Expression

If you are only just beginning the hunt for your style, then chances are you might feel intimidated by the expectation to suddenly transform yourself from head to toe. However, if you would like to approach it more strategically and gradually, you can wear your usual outfits but with slight changes or additions to give you a sense of which direction you might want to take your style in. For example, if you usually dress very casually but want to experiment with more structured outfits, then swap out your T-shirts for smarter buttoned shirts.

  1. Seek Genuine Inspiration

It can be difficult to find a place to start when discovering your own style, so turning to people with a fashion sense you admire can make it simpler. This might be a person in your life or a famous individual with style you would want to emulate. Combine what you like best from different sources of inspiration to build up your own unique style.

  1. Forget the Rules

Despite the fact that there are many different fashion rules and expectations, when looking for the perfect style, you would be best to ignore what you are told and follow your gut instinct.

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