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How to Curate the Ideal Menswear Capsule Wardrobe

How to Curate the Ideal Menswear Capsule Wardrobe

There are plenty of online articles about how to create a concise capsule wardrobe for womenswear. Despite the change in attitudes about who can wear what and how people are expected to dress, there is still far more information available to people who prefer womenswear over menswear. This means that capsule wardrobe articles tend to focus on including essentials such as skirts, dresses, and high heels. Although the basic principles of a capsule wardrobe span any kind of preferred clothing style, you might find it useful to see some examples of how to curate your own menswear capsule wardrobe.

What Are the Advantages of a Capsule Wardrobe?

Capsule wardrobes have been growing in popularity for several years now. They came to prominence as part of the minimalism trend but have continued long past its decline. This is because the lack of decision fatigue and a greater sense of confidence are two major components of how a capsule wardrobe is supposed to function. Choosing what to wear is sometimes a chore that takes up too much time or headspace, but with a capsule wardrobe of only several truly appreciated pieces, you can create easy, comfortable outfits every day.

Lock Down the Essentials

While how you dress is very much a personal choice, it can be useful to see examples of general wardrobe staples that can make getting dressed from a limited wardrobe much easier. If you consider jeans and T-shirts to be essential to your lifestyle, then make sure that the ones you include in your wardrobe are your favourites. Have designated go-to outfits and items for different activities that you regularly participate in, whether that's partying, sport, work, or anything else that has outfit requirements.

Assess Your Style Preferences 

Apart from the day-to-day requirements and needs you might have for your clothing, you will also have preferences when it comes to styles, patterns, cuts, colours and fabrics. Whether you know it or not, you most likely lean towards some items more than others due to how they feel on your body or make you look in the mirror. An awareness of the impression you want to give through your outfits can help you narrow down what to include in your capsule wardrobe. Take a look at mens clothing in Oxford for style inspiration and pay attention to the subtle yet important differences between pieces. For example, you might find that all the shirts you avoid wearing are the same cut or material.

Evaluate Your Needs

You will need to think carefully about what you as an individual require from your clothing. Some people see it as a purely expressive form of art, whereas others are entirely function focused. Do you have a job that requires you to wear smart outfits, or are you regularly spending time outdoors and therefore need more durable clothes? Once you have a full grasp of what you need from your wardrobe, you can begin to edit it.

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