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Burrows & Hare Portable Zipped Travel Black & Neutral Shoe Shine Kit

Buff  your shoes with this rather smart shoe shine kit from the new Burrows & Hare  Collection. The best thing about this shoe shine kit is that when you have it and you use it you will be the classiest person in any room you enter.
Containing all the gear you need for shiny and smart leather shoes. The zipped canvas case with leather-effect piping contains two tins of polish in black and neutral, a soft brush, a hard brush and a yellow polishing cloth.
Size: Height 17 x width 11 x depth 5 cm
1x Hard Brush
1x Soft Brush
1x Buffing Cloth
1x Black Polish
1x Neutral Polish
Please note the Neutral can be used on tan colour shoes please test on a small patch before using   


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